About the Artist    headshot

Kim Riegel is a professional photographer from Birmingham, Alabama.   She has always expressed herself artistically, and turned to photography as her primary medium 12 years ago.   While she no longer practices counseling, the field in which she was trained, she applies her skills and intuition to the photography of people.   “I am fascinated by the inner life of other people, and what motivates their thoughts and actions.   I like to reach the ‘real’ person and bring that into the visual image.   Their willingness to reveal themselves is a gift, an invitation of trust and acceptance.”

Her certainty of technical craft allows her to concentrate on conceptualizing the visual and emotional power of the images.   “Viewers respond to a photograph, not because of its technical perfection, but because it speaks to their heart—it touches somewhere within them.”   The freedom to creatively explore is an important part of Kim’s image making, whether it is editorial and publicity work, or portrait and fine art.

Kim has studied with Joyce Tenneson, Jock Sturges, and Connie Imboden among others.   In the belief that we are always students, she is continually striving for personal and artistic evolution.   She is currently working on a book project of documentary photographs, as well as her ongoing portrait and human form work.

The artwork of Kim Riegel has been exhibited throughout the United States, and has received a number of awards.   She has been published in numerous magazines and included in several books.   She teaches photography at Samford University, as well as privately, and is represented by galleries in Alabama and Florida.